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A gentle reminder that I don’t draw explicit art.

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I wish people didn’t think silence was awkward, just enjoy it. Not every space has to be filled with words.

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Red Bean & Rice, Jambalaya, Gumbo. It’s the Taste of N’awlins at The Lady. #RVA #EatRVA #RVAdine #Richmond #LadyNawlins (at Lady N’awlins)

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“Nothing haunts you like unexpressed feelings.” — (via i8yurcookie)

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Cinderella Pencil Test

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When radiologists take a selfie


Wait I’ve seen this

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Please read this poem I wrote in first grade

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click the first letter of your first name please just trust me on this

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what the fUCK

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people who are unapologetically kind and soft and good at their very core are like………so important to me. the era of broody white man antiheroes is over, give me someone who braids flowers into their hair and cooks breakfast for their mom every morning

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Portuguese designer Susana Soares has developed a device for detecting cancer and other serious diseases using trained bees. The bees are placed in a glass chamber into which the patient exhales; the bees fly into a smaller secondary chamber if they detect cancer. 

Scientists have found that honey bees - Apis mellifera - have an extraordinary sense of smell that is more acute than that of a sniffer dog and can detect airborne molecules in the parts-per-trillion range. 

Bees can be trained to detect specific chemical odours, including the biomarkers associated with diseases such as tuberculosis, lung, skin and pancreatic cancer.

breathe into the BEE ORB to reveal your fate

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